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Fitness Leadership: Impro for Fit Pros; Improvisation Training for Fitness Instructors

Improv for Fit Pros: Improvisation Training for Fitness Instructors with SGT Ken® includes several playful and powerful drills designed to unleash imagination, build self-confidence, and spawn spontaneity in order to create stagecraft success. Participants will learn how to perform better through mastering the art of performance freedom.


Don’t miss your chance to learn the type of presentation training that will help you create connection with your team members and build rapport like never before! Rated for all levels.

Presentation Topics

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Presentation Topics

The Virtual Presentation Playbook™

Leadership, Performance and Communication Techniques

Speaking on camera is not the same as how you perform on stage. The Virtual Presentation Playbook™ features seven simple steps to connect to your community on camera. You’ll discover how to position your lighting and yourself in extremely effective angles, make the right technical choices for sound and visual, prepare your voice for powerful delivery, and master the art of pitch change and presentation timing. It’s time to captivate your distant audience and create an exceptional experience that will keep them coming back for more!

Solving the Mindset Mystery™


Solving the Mindset Mystery™ is a highly interactive webinar workshop that uncovers the undeniable difference between fixed and growth mindsets. Your mindset reveals everything about you, whether you are the type of person that stops short of a goal because of a limiting belief or whether you push for a positive perspective with every problem to become the champion of change. Developed by University of Pennsylvania Master Resilience Trainer and decorated combat veteran Ken Weichert (aka SGT Ken®), this program features seven superior strategies on how to create and sustain a growth-mindset for life. You’ll discover how to recognize and avoid thinking traps, detecting icebergs, build self-confidence, push for positive perspective, enhance excitement, restore resilience, and to turn adversities into advantages.

Resilience: The Road to Resilience: Turn Stress into Strength and Obstacles into Opportunities™

Leadership, Professional Development, Resilience

Offered as a workshop or a 4-hour certification. There are only two things that can happen to you when you face an obstacle of any kind: fall apart or bounce back. Resilience (sometimes called “emotional fitness” or “mental toughness”) is when you face adversity head-on and grow from the experience.

I have had the privilege of working closely with Ken for over a decade and it has been a blessing and a privilege. Ken is spooky smart as a motivator, incredibly intuitive as a trainer, and the consummate professional always. His heart and impeccable character are unsurpassed. I cannot recommend Ken strongly enough.  
- Mitch Powers, Founding Partner and CEO, iostudio, LLC